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Choosing the right partner for marriage. Choosing well is the Foundation for a good marriage. However, the choice is one of the most neglected of the process of the meeting, liaison, to marry, to live together and eventually having children. Choose well: the good and the bad results of your choices will shape your life, if a second first marriage at indian marriages sites or [tag – tec], a Christian marriage, common-law marriage, a marriage or a same-sex marriage.
marriage matrimonial sites1 Can accept each other as you are, warts and all? You cannot change a person, and you absolutely do not have the right to try to change your spouse. At the same time promise change if your potential partner can not accept you as you are.
This means that you have the same. Acceptance of yourself and the other can accommodate large differences between you.
Acceptance is the more fundamental question. If you cannot accept the reality of the other foot.

2. You love the other? Love is more basic than to love. Is he or she your ideal “best friend”. If this is not the case, is considered a big red flag.

3. Your values are compatible? You are open and honest with them about your values? For example, you make the two family of value? You do the two value commitment and have a good understanding of what commitment is?

4 Are you consistent in how you express (and discuss) your feelings? There is probably no more disastrous marriage as that between the one who openly and easily speaks of feelings, personal and another who cannot or do. The mantra is “I don’t want talking about,” namely whether it is expressed in words, silence or leave.

5 Are you compatible in how positively you look life? Someone optimistic, positive and a negative pessimistic person who could drive each other crazy. They often do.

6 Are you compatible in your spiritual growth? It is a question of life, it is a matter very long term. People relate to something beyond themselves, and this spiritual inclination becomes more important in life. If you both grow spiritually over the years, you will discover more executions, even if you have different religious practices.

7 Is your mantra, “Love alone is not enough? Good! There are a lot of men or women that you may be in love, but a tiny fraction of which you could live with success. Therefore remember this principle: don’t fall in love with someone said your intuition at free matrimonial sites and  you could not build a satisfying and fulfilling life with.