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online matrimonial sitesThere is a popular saying “marriages are made in heaven”, but matches made in heaven are consumed on Earth. Marriage is not a legal contract but a Holy knot that ties two people to each other for life. Therefore, for any marriage to work, it is important that you have a high degree of compatibility with the partner you are ready to share your life with. To the bottom of the age, matrimonial match-fixing has been a major load on the compatibility of the horoscope is compared by astrologers to find the perfect match.

Once, this will be done, only that the process moves forward. There are various important factors which are kept in mind while studying the horoscopes. Read before some of very necessary:

* Nadi Dosha – the potential is married and the groom should not be born with same Nadi. This means that their offspring could be physically deformed. Only, if their Nadis are different, the marriage is given a green signal by the astrologer.

* Mangalik – Mangalik dosh is the main obstacle to the married life of any person. It can create differences between you and your partner and lead to quarrels. Sometimes, it can also cause the death of a partner. Therefore, it is an important factor which is taken into account before a match is recommended. A marriage can take place only if the prospective bride and groom share the same status of manglik.

* No.22-Maitri – astrologers give great importance to no.22-Maitri, because if your numbers do not match, it can lead to disputes or conflicts between the partners. It is a crucial factor for a successful relationship of the couple.

Astrology has the power to predict problems that may arise in the future life of a couple married. Even with so many changes in the modern era, the importance to match this way continues to be very popular to ensure a perfect compatibility between the prospective married and the groom.

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