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matrimonial servicesMarriages in India are known to be magnificent and the procession of marriage or “Barat” is the culmination of these beautiful events. The presentation of the joy of the family of the groom, “Barat” consists of many different elements that are almost as majestic as the marriage itself. The procession from the place of the groom at the home of the bride or the place of marriage is a kaleidoscope of images and sounds that captivate the noisy nature of the Indians. What makes it so special, is that all the friends, parents and friends of the groom are together in one place to share the joy and celebration of two people are United for life.

Barat is an important part of the ceremonies which take place in an Indian marriage. The groom usually produces to the site mounted on a horse or a cart led by horse is appearance with regal trimmings. Today the grooms have also opted to travel by a decorated car, but there are still many people who are proud through traditional means.

The procession
The people in the Barat were also called the “Baraatis”, dance and joy accompanied by a musical band and light carriers. The progress of the procession slowly, with the “Baraatis” stops at the scene to dance and fireworks are lit as a celebration of the gaiety. The whole scene is so lively that passers-by cannot step help but stop and admire the pleasant matter.

The arrival
Upon arrival, the “Baraat” is welcome with fervor by family of the bride, after which the “Baraatis” familiarize. In the course of this ceremony, mother of the bride performs “arti” before the groom to bless him in this day of good augurs. Sometimes, the Baraatis are also welcomed with flowers and candy or even a jet of Rose water.

Then, the groom, accompanied by the “Baraatis” enters the room, where the people on the bride eagerly occur to see. The variation in the various cultures of the India is sometimes found in “Baraat” ceremonies which vary subtly between marriages that take place in India.

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